Holding a Grudge

Holding a Grudge is like letting someone live rent free in your head

Holding a grudge

Is one of the easiest things to do and one of the hardest things to let go of. I should know I’m the queen when it comes to holding grudges and I’m not proud of it at all.

It blocks so many things and makes life harder then it needs to be these are a few of the things it affects for me –
♡ weight loss
♡ money blocks
♡ moving forward
♡ having fun

I’m that good at holding grudges that I can hold them for others as well like my children and close family..
It sometimes takes awhile to work out that’s what your doing and even longer to figure out how to change, except others for who they are, and move on.

I use meditation and a lot of soul searching to help me move past my grudges.
Who am I to judge anyone
Do I want to be judged for the things I did or said 22yrs ago no that’s ridiculous so why in fks name would I still be judging someone for what they did 5yrs ago or better still what they didn’t even do to me.

Others actions are none of my business

It doesn’t mean I have to go have coffee with the person, it doesn’t mean I have to talk to the person. What it means is that others actions are none of my business and it is none of my business what another person thinks of me.

Sometimes it’s as simple as acknowledging that you are been stubborn and holding on to something that doesn’t serve you, other times it’s a little harder to kick the habit of holding a grudge it maybe you have held it for 30yrs and only now realised how it’s affecting your life, mind and body. These are what have helped me to release my grudges and regain my life back.
♡ I write down what I want to say to the person/persons or sometimes it’s a situation I’m very explicit in what I have to say as I know it’s only for my eyes then when I’m finished I have 2 options 1. I burn it along with the emotion and I sit just with myself and the moon light  Belly Breathe and release all that has been stirred up and brought up by writing this letter
2. I place the letter in a envelope with a stamp sit with it Belly Breathe and release and then post it with no address either way you are sending it out to the universe and the universe is now in control of that grudge, that situation.
♡ I will sit by the beach listening to the waves and meditate releasing the situation to the universe, give myself to the universe, ask for help with this situation and my feelings of been hurt and unloved. I would start this with a Belly Breathing session then sit in my own stillness talking to the universe and my gods.
♡ sometimes just realising what you are doing and pulling yourself up is enough to release the emotion and the grudge.

Holding a grudge is so unhealthy and only gives the other person your power and that I dislike more then what any person has done to me..
The key is to enjoy the process and all that comes up with it.

Remember you are in control of YOU no one else..

Love Kaz💕



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