Panic Attacks

14yrs ago I started to suffer Panic attacks some days I could’ve had up to 40 attacks a day this made life extremely hard not just for me but also my family. Sometimes to the point I couldn’t see, I could hardly move or walk and when they would come on in the car well let’s just say that was very interesting. Anyone who has ever suffered from panic attacks knows how scary and traumatic they are you feel like your life is about to end you see your loved ones flash before your eyes you start to stress about every little thing which just makes you so much worse. I remember being in a shop over in orange when 1 came on I could hardly walk I couldn’t talk all I could do was walk around in circle I remember having a few staff members walking behind me as they thought I was stealing things not once did they ask me if I was OK it was like I was on the outside of my body watching this strange person that looked like me. This attack went for hours and in this time I had to drive back to Mudgee where I was living at the time, My husband was working away and I had no one able to come and save me so I very stupidly drove, I was so scared that I was going to die that day and never see my beautiful children and husband again I remember stopping every half hour and driving only about 60km per hr in a 110km zone. I did finally get home safe and sound and I still have no idea how.

How I controlled my attacks at the time (not very well mind you) was eating I would eat high sugar high fat foods as this would make me feel better but watching the 40kg go on was not fun at all and still to this day I have about 20kg of that left to shed

I had to learn how to control my panic attacks without food and control them quickly and effortlessly especially if I was driving. I came across the most amazing woman who became my counselor for a while and she taught me to Belly Breathe how to calm myself down relax and ground myself. Over the years I tweaked her technique  to suit myself and my needs and I came up with a way that I could breathe and calm quickly enough if I needed to while I was stopped at the traffic lights.

I do believe this has saved my life on many occasions.

I’m happy to say I haven’t had a panic attack in over 4yrs and for about 4yrs before that it was maybe once a year.

When I was in the country I would stand in the paddock next door and just breathe in the fresh country air take 5min just for me. Now my favorite place in the world to Belly breathe is at the beach listening to the waves and smelling the fresh salt air calms and rejuvenates me instantly.

I would love to teach you this technique, you can do it as much and as little as you like I now Belly Breathe every morning and night and quite often during the day.

Classes only go for 1/2 hr and a fun with a group of friends or I can teach you in a  1:1 lesson. I will also teach you some mini meditation techniques and how to clear your mind.

Love Kaz xx



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