Come work with Me ..


….Come work with Me….


Spring is not just the time to declutter and clean your home, not just the time to cleanse your body and release the winter blues in time for all your Christmas/New years parties.

It’s time to declutter, spring clean and cleanse your mind also.


You will be amazed at what you can achieve with a clear and open mind, life is easier, happier, less stressful, your goals are even more achievable, life is so much calmer.

I’m all about peace and calm it doesn’t mean that I don’t have tests in my life but when I’m in a state of calm I can deal with what ever the universe throws at me, much easier then if I’m already stressed and fearful of what tomorrow brings.

I like to start my day with a Belly Breathing exercise before I leave my room and take on anything the day has to offer I’m calm and relaxed this sets me up for a great day. I find I’m a better Mum, Partner, friend, co-worker, person ect for doing this daily ritual.

I believe it’s everybody’s right to feel this way that’s why I’d like to offer you all the chance to learn this amazing ritual to.

Classes will be held at The Universal Wellness Centre – Charlestown

Monday – 6pm, Tuesday – 6.30pm, Thursday – 6.30pm

$20 a session or grab a block of 5 for$50 bookings essential 0422894258

Join us on Facebook for all updates

If you aren’t in Newcastle but would still like to learn we can Skype I’m happy to do my 1:1 with you or if your techno savvy and can get a group of 6 or more we can do a

Bookings essential 0422894258 or email 

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