Pulled Pork

My family loves pulled pork
Pulled pork taco’s
Pulled pork sliders
Pulled pork wraps and loads more other ways
So this is my favorite and easiest way of cooking it πŸ˜„


1lt home made chicken broth
Pork shoulder about 1.5kg (fat removed)
2tbs my secret spices pulled pork
1/4 cup BBQ sauce
1/4cup worcestershire sauce
2tbs molasses
Pinch pink salt
Cracked pepper


Turn slow cooker on to auto
Season the pork with salt and pepper
Brown the pork in a hot pan
Mix the chicken broth, BBQ sauce, worcestershire sauce, and molasses in the slow cooker.
Place the pork into the slow cooker and sprinkle pulled pork mix over the pork
Place lid on and walk away.
Come back 8hrs later
Remove the pork from the cooker
Using 2 folks start separating the pork and place it in your serving dish mix in a little of the cooking juices and serve with your favorite side

Enjoy Kaz πŸ’•

* if your able turn the pork half way through

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