Belly Breathing

As we become older the less we breath properly the less relaxed we are the less oxygen our brain gets

If you watch a baby or a puppy breath when they breath in their belly’s blow up they are taking a full breath in and when they breath out their belly contracts but as we get older we don’t do this we deprive ourselves of the peace and calm that we deserve of all the oxygen we need to cope with everything our day consists of.

Belly Breathing really only needs to take 15min you can do hours if you like but 15min is OK to start with.

you can have a 1:1 lesson or bring your friends and make a group of 5 and all learn to relax together

1:1 – 30min lesson $20

Group of 5 – 30min lesson $100


1:1 – 30min lesson x 4 $70

Group of 5 – 30min lesson x 4 $350

Call Karen and make an appointment 0422894258 or email

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