Health Coaching


Easy Steps to Getting your GROOVE Back 

I want to empower you to make decisions for your health and wellbeing that works for you not what works for others or what the magazines, TV or society tells you, you should be doing.

I want you to be happy and healthy by doing it your way the way that works best for YOU. The way that makes you shine and love every minute.

This life is yours alone so it makes sense to live it your way.

In this program you will learn how to say No
Why ME time is so important to both you and your family
How to listen to your own body and how to make decisions based on what your body needs
How to relax, destress and calm the mind

A stressed Body cannot heal itself, it can’t release excess weight, It cannot heal aches and pains, It cannot calm the mind, breathe or work to its fullest potential. Healing comes from balance, Balance of mind, body and sprit

As an Intuitive Health Coach it is my job to work with you to find out what your balance is, It’s my job to help you find out what works just for YOU, just as individual as our fingerprints are so is OUR journey to health and wellness. It is just that OUR journey what works for one may not work for another it is a process, an amazing journey of self discovery, self love and acceptance of the things we can and can’t control.

I would love to be on your ride to Balance to be your Coach, your personal Cheerleader and your support team

Call today to book in for your discovery session where we will discuss what you want, how you want to get there and what I will do to help you become balanced and firing on all cylinders.

I learned to love myself and that is the greatest gift I could ever give myself


This program is for 12 weeks the first 2 weeks are about learning to change our way of thinking and start to change some habits, looking at our pantries and how and if we consciously move and why changing both are so good for our balance.

The next 10 weeks are about action slow and steady wins the race we introduce change and every week we add something different new and exciting.

This is the same exact program I designed for myself so that I could start to become stronger in both my mind and  body, so I could become more at peace with myself and what  I had been through and what I had decided to put myself through this program has not only helped me lose weight but also I learned to love myself and that is the greatest gift I could ever give myself.

How we can work together

1:1 – you will have my complete and full attention all to yourself just you , me and the universe.

Karen 0422894258

Or email

To book in for your program email or call 0422894258

To make a payment – All details will be on your invoice.

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