The Importance of ME time

I’ve heard it all before I’ve even said it and I’m really really convincing when I don’t want to do something.. BUT… Me time is so Important. It’s important to our health, our children’s health, our partners, our energy levels and to every aspect of our lives. ME time is what keeps us sane. Now I know you don’t have time, I know your busy, I know you think people will judge you (that’s their problem not yours) but believe me if you take just 10min a day doing something just for you, you will be amazed how things will start to change. I’m not talking about those few seconds your alone on the toilet before one of the kids or the dog finds you. I’m talking about 10 mins just holy and solely for YOU no interruptions. What was that you said ” YER RIGHT” it may need some practice but YOU CAN DO IT. I remember my mum taking for ever in the bathroom after her shower she would sometimes answer us through the door but she never opened it I always wondered what she did in there that needed to take so long? I wasn’t allowed to spend that much time in the bathroom after my shower WHAT the hell was she doing? Now I’m a MUM I know exactly what she was doing NOTHING she was hiding she was taking her 10mins. It’s amazing how much makes sense when you become a parent. I have a few ideas that might help you take your 10 mins

  • Straight after you put the baby down make a pot of green tea and enjoy it sitting in the sun
  • Head out for a quick walk when hubby gets home
  • Sit on your bed with the door closed and clear your mind think about nothing (my personal favorite when I have a house full it takes 10 mins for them to realise I’m not there)
  • Head to the beach walk in the sand and soak up the sea air (another fav of mine)
  • Be like my Mum and lock yourself in the bathroom

There is so many others but remember start out slowly, start with twice a week and work up to every day and always stay present and true to yourself.

Let me know how you get on 💕Love Kaz..


If you would like to find out more about ME time or book in for a FREE 15 min discovery session give me a call 0422894258 or send me a email

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