PCOS – Through the Eyes of a Support person

In Honor of my beautiful Daughter and all the woman world wide that suffer and those that unknowingly suffer with PCOS

Seeing my daughter so tired that studying for her HSC exams is just impossible, seeing the pain in her eyes when she says all good as she has her periods is heart breaking and there’s absolutely nothing I can do to help

As a support person it’s so hard to understand what they are going through

As a support person it’s so hard to understand what they are going through, it’s hard to know as there isn’t any physical injuries no broken bones no scares, that I can handle my Son has taught me to be a great nurse, but unfortunately with my daughter with PCOS there isn’t anything like that it’s all hidden all inside. I find myself asking the question is she just playing me? am I being unreasonable? am I not understanding? Is she just having a bad day?

As a support person it’s heat breaking but It’s my job to support even tho I don’t understand I keep an open mind, I support her whole heartily, I’m not a punching bag, I don’t put up with bad behavior what I do is support I give her space when she needs it, I hold her all night as she cry’s herself to sleep without knowing why, I heat the heatpack even tho I don’t understand how much pain she in, I buy the chocolate when she needs it, I lend her my car when her’s is out of fuel so she can get to bootcamp, I slave in the kitchen all day so she can have paleo food to eat as everything else seems to make her unbelievably sick, I’m just there, there for her I’ve learnt it’s not my job to understand this disease, It’s not my job to work it out, It’s not even my job to fix it or Her – even tho that all I want to do, It’s my job to be the best support I can be for her, to understand all she may need it a HUG and a cuppa, or someone to be on the bank of the lake so she can go for a paddle, Or just a text saying I Love You.

Living with PCOS is hard and being a support person sometimes is equally hard but I have found giving up MY need to FIX her and this disease has been the most amazing thing for both of us. September is PCOS month I have worn my Teal ribbon with Pride this September as I do every September.

No matter how you see yourself all that your loved ones see is the most amazing, beautiful woman that you are Love the skin your in

Support PCOS and those that have it all year round.

💕 Kaz


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