What I did to get strong Nails 😄

All my life I’ve had the worst nails, I’ve spent years getting fake nails put on I had enough of spending all that money and all the chemicals, so I stopped and I really missed my nails but it was for the best.


Recently I started to add Linseed (also known as Flaxseed) to my morning isagenix smoothies and OMG  within a week yes you heard right a week I have beautiful long and strong nails I can’t friggin believe it.
I started with the linseed and beetroot for all of their healing properties never thought about my nails.
A added fantastic bonus woohoo 😄


Everyone should add linseed to their daily routine it is amazing these are just a few of the benefits of linseed
♡ helps lower Cholesterol
♡ helps lower Blood Pressure
♡ helps with Pre Menstrual stresses
♡ helps prevent Hot Flushes
♡ improves your Blood Sugar

Let me know how you get on adding a little Linseed to you day



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