Cooking – A Dying Art

Cooking a dying art

Whatever happened to mum and grandma passing down the art of cooking?
What happened to the days that the kitchen was the hub of the house.
Homemade meals from start to finish.
I don’t know about you but I miss my Nanna’s cooking.
I miss my mum’s home made custard especially when it would get the skin on top as it started to cool.

I know we don’t have time, life is soooo busy (that is our choice, we’ll talk about that later), I don’t know how. These days we have so many excuses. Like you I’m busy to but cooking a home cooked, clean meal doesn’t have to take days to cook.

To cook a tasty meal doesn’t have to take all day. When you think back to what your Nanna/Gma would pack into a day she didn’t have all day either and she didn’t have a slow cooker thermomixy thing, turbo cooker, Wok or anything like we have today most people just had a stove, pots and pans no microwave to heat up a package meal and no money to buy them either.

Kids love to help they love to cook and LOVE to lick the spoon and the beaters are even better. Involve the whole family, buy a cookbook that is child friendly and only has 4 or 5 ingredients and let them cook with your help. You will find that they will be more willing to try new things if they make it. I remember when my son was in primary school and their homework was to cook a family meal he chose a chickpea curry to cook from one of the 4 ingredients cookbooks I thought no way he is going to cook this let alone eat this. If I served him curry he wouldn’t eat it, If I served him chickpeas he would pass out. I let him go and he cooked it. It was amazing and the best thing was, he loved it and now eats curries and chickpeas with out a sound. If I didn’t let him experience this for him self he would probable still not eat curries and definitely he would have never tried anything new.


Yes they make a mess and yes they get it wrong but that’s the fun in it and that’s why your there to help, teach and pass on your favorite things to eat and make.

Cooking is really easy and can taste amazing and these day can be super quick.

My Fav

Handful of shelled green prawns add some garlic fresh or from the bottle. Cook in wok or frying pan takes less then 5 min remove add a fresh pack of stir fry veggies. Stir fry for 5 min put prawns back in toss and serve.

Done – In less then 10 min you have created an amazing fresh and tasty meal, serve with a glass of Red, light a candle and enjoy with your someone special.

If you don’t have a lot of time set the slow cooker going with some Pulled pork and have it for dinner on soft taco’s or on a roll with coleslaw. You will have some leftover to go on sandwiches or in a salad tub for lunches. You could cook a double batch of Monday’s dinner freeze it and have leftovers or make a pie with it for Friday Nights dinner.


Learn to season your food a good quality salt. I use Himalayan salt (pink salt) just a very small amount and it brings out all the flavors. Freshly cracked pepper again just a little is amazing, and my love HERBS & SPICES these can transform any dinner into an amazing meal. You can use fresh or dried herbs it depends on what time and space you have, I use both as my garden isn’t all that big and this winter hasn’t been that nice to my favorite herbs.

Meals that come in a packet usually aren’t food they have so many hidden nasties that you wouldn’t put on a plate and eat so don’t let pretty packaging con you. I don’t know why we need sugar in our chicken stock but in 90% of chicken stock it’s there. WTF??

Buy cheaper cuts of meat and chicken cook it a little slower save yourself some money. Buy in bulk and buy veggie seconds they might not look as good but they taste the same.

Share with the FB community all your pics I can’t wait to see them.

Enjoy yourself cooking

💕 Love Kaz


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