Laugh, Laugh, Laugh

Laughter IS the best medicine

There is nothing like a BIG ass Belly Laugh it can completely change your day.

I love nothing more then sitting around with my family and having a great laugh it brings everyone together, we laugh about the silly things someone has done or we watch shows on telly that have us in stitches, sometime it gets out of hand at our house and I have to sprint for the loo as the pelvic floor mussels aren’t what they use to be.

Laughing is so important for our health just as important as great food, exercise, and ME time.

Laughter helps reduce Stress and Cravings, Boosts your Immune System, Increases your Endorphin hormones, it also is great for your heart it helps improves the function of the arteries.

Laughter is amazing for your Mental Health it helps you relax improves your mood and reduces stress for not only yourself but all around you.

Have you ever taken a yoga class for the first time with your best friend? better still a dance class it is the funniest thing watching each other try their hardest and not quite get there it makes you want to go back next week and the week after that and after that.

only 17 times

Have you ever watched a baby laugh and laugh at nothing but their feet it is the cutest thing ever. It’s said toddles laugh on average 400 times a day and us as adults we only laugh 17 times a day that’s so sad and of those 17 times how many of them are real BIG Belly laughs? The kind that makes your stomach hurt or sprint to the loo like me. There was a time when I don’t think I would laugh 17 times a week let alone a day I’m so lucky that, that is not the case these days I try and laugh as much as I can 100 times a day, sometimes it may start out as a fake laugh then always ends in a real laugh.

Nature has given us the ability to laugh and laugh as often as we like and the only side affect is that it improves both our mental and physical health.

Home work – Laugh, Laugh, Laugh find a laughing group or hang out with the kids more, rent some movies do what ever it takes BUT please LAUGH

Laughing out loud

💕 Kaz


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