What is Exercise??


Wow doesn’t that 1 little word bring up so many different emotions for everyone. Fear, Joy, Happiness, Hatred, Scared,  Blissfulness and so many more some people even have panic attacks just from the thought of exercising. We have been led to believe over the years that exercise needs to be hard work, and that if we don’t work our ass’s off then it’s just not good enough, if we don’t finish our session in a pool of smelly sweat then we have wasted our time and money.. Some people LOVE to do this they love how strong they feel after a hard workout, they can take on the world and anything it throws at them and for these people that is great it’s fantastic seeing how happy their exercise regime makes them feel. Then you have those who exercise like this who HATE it but do it because they have spent a life time of being programmed that this is the one and only way to exercise they wake up with a heavy heart because they are about to start their day doing something they hate the heavy feeling then follows them through their day and everything they do. Then there are the other’s who became physically sick or injured at the thought of exercise, they don’t want to punish their bodies or minds. They also have been programmed that exercise is only affective if you are punishing yourself and the thought of punishing themselves makes them sick and scared.. What if EXERCISE was FUN what if it was even accidental? What if it bought joy to everyone just like those who love the pain of hard exercise? ?  What if ________ ??? What if taking your kids to the park and chasing them around was exercise? What if taking the dog out for a 10min walk was classed as exercise? What if walking down the front stairs to go to the car (which you do 10 times a day ) was exercise? What if following your children around and around there sporting activities was exercise? How much exercise would you do in a day? a week? a year? I have been at all of these stages through my life and loved and hated them all unfortunately at the moment I’m at the last stage I don’t really do any planned exercise I do miss it so much but due to different things both physical and mental I don’t do any formal exercise which was really getting me down as I don’t feel strong I don’t feel balanced. Something I thrive on is being in balance. I’ve never been skinny even when I loved to punish my body I was always bigger then everybody else so I guess over the years I’ve gone what’s the point I’ve always been told that if I work hard I’ll get results that working out really really hard is the only way to be skinny and if your not skinny then your just not healthy. WTF I need to be skinny because that’s what’s right RIGHT?


I need to be me healthy happy me.

I’ve had to change my mindset because the fighting that was going on in my head was driving my insane. I could spend the day walking up and down the beach following my son at a surf carnival from one event to another. I could walk around netball courts all day helping with a bit ball work and warm up when my daughter would be at a carnival. I could walk around and around a motocross track up and down hills lugging hoses all day watching my boys race. I might have to park the car a km away in heels from the theatre that my daughter is dancing at. I might need to get the dog out of the yard before she goes stir crazy but I only have 15mins spear. Is any of this exercise? HELL YER!! and damn good exercise. I never thought of any of this as exercise until a friend once said to me “how can you say you don’t exercise look at what you do”. You know what she was right some weekends I’m completely stuffed I can hardly move but I feel great I could take on the world and anything it throws at me. It wasn’t easy changing my mind set as near 40yrs of been programmed one way doesn’t get reprogrammed over night. I now do some light planned exercise without getting sick or injured and I enjoy every minute of it. Since changing my mindset weight that I have been trying for years to get off is starting to be released. Woohoo… Being balanced is so important and if one side of your life is out of balance then chances are so will other sides. Changing our mindset to seeing where we do exercise and that there is so many different forms of exercise is just the start who knows you too may start to do some planned exercise without any trauma.

Think about your life and how you DO exercise and remember 10mins a day is better than nothing..

Enjoy your day Grooves

Love Kaz💕


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